Connoisseur Experience is a unique experience, which allows the participants to discover the Bénédictine-making process. Set in a privileged decor, this exceptional workshop – developed in collaboration with the Master of Distillation – begins with a presentation of few Bénédictine plants and spices, before tackling the subtleties of liquor-making.
Visitors will first explore the museum collections. The guided tour then leads to the one and only Bénédictine distillery in the world, with its hammered copper stills, and to the cellars. The participants will be offered a visual and olfactory discovery of the 8 alcoholates, also known as Spirits, at various stages of production.
Experience includes :
• free visit of the museum collections
• guided tour of the distillery and cellars
• commented tasting of 3 Benedictine Expressions
• a visual and olfactory discovery of the 8 alcoholates at various stages of Benedictine production

This tour is offered in English or French. Tasting is only available for adults 18 or older. DURATION : about 2H00


  • From 2 to 9 people : 22€/pers.
  • From 10 to 15 people : 15€/pers. (please contact us in this case)
  • Experience lasts 2h00
  • French and English
  • For adults over 18 only
  • Also includes the Bénédictine Discovery Experience
  • Prices : VAT included