Bénédictine “Connoisseur” – 22€/pers.

Bénédictine “Connoisseur” is a unique experience, which allows the participants to discover the Bénédictine-making process.

This experience – aimed at the curious as well as the enthusiasts of the renowned liquor – is an opportunity to learn about the art of distillation, and even reveals some of its secrets. Set in a privileged decor, this exceptional workshop – developed in collaboration with the Master of Distillation – begins with a presentation of few Bénédictine plants and spices, before tackling the subtleties of liquor-making.

In the footprints of the alchemist monks, the participants will be offered a visual and olfactory discovery of the alcoholates, also known as Spirits, at various stages of production. Eventually, a tasting* of Bénédictine Expressions is offered, along with a cocktail & Bénédictine delicacies.

*For adults over 18 only


  • From 2 to 9 people : 22€/pers.
  • From 10 to 15 people : 15€/pers. (please contact us in this case)
  • Experience lasts 2h00
  • French and English
  • For adults over 18 only
  • Also includes the Bénédictine Discovery Experience
  • Prices : VAT included