Privilege – 30€/pers

Bénédictine “Privilege” is a unique experience, which allows the participants to discover the Bénédictine-making process and be introduced to the art of cocktails.

This experience – aimed at the curious as well as the enthusiasts of the renowned liquor – is an opportunity to learn about the art of distillation, and even reveals some of its secrets. Set in a privileged decor, this exceptional workshop – developed in collaboration with the Master of Distillation – begins with a presentation of few Bénédictine plants and spices, before tackling the subtleties of liquor-making.

In the footprints of the alchemist monks, the participants will be offered a visual and olfactory discovery of the alcoholates, also known as Spirits, at various stages of production.

After the visit of the Museum and the Distillery, be introduced to the art of cocktails. Within 30 minutes, Le Palais proposes to the visitors :

– A guided tasting* of the three Bénédictine Expressions : Bénédictine, B&B and Single Cask
– An introduction to Bénédictine Cocktails and professional equipment
– The preparation and tasting* of a Bénédictine cocktail with a shaker.
– A tasting of a Bénédictine delicacy

As an introduction to the world of mixology, this initiation is the first step before diving into the 1 hour 30 Bénédictine Cocktails Workshop Experience at Le Palais, let by Marc Jean (Normandy 5* Deauville).

*For adults over 18 only


  • Price :
    - Adults : 30 €
  • Duration : approx. 2h45
  • Experience in French & in English
  • This Experience also includes the Bénédictine Discovery Experience