Bénédictine Essence Olfactory Experience – 85€/pers.

Bénédictine Essence is a unique experience that allows the participants to discover the art of perfume making, by comparing it with the blending of the raw materials used to produce a spirit.

Lead by Corinne Marie-Tosello, a consultant and olfactory trainer at Fragonard Parfumeur, and founder of the Connessens Company in Grasse, the participants take part in an olfactory session – an introduction to essences of plants used to make Bénédictine liqueur – allowing them to improve their olfactory memory.

This olfactory experience includes a tasting* of Bénédictine Expressions, so as to make the participants identify the spicy, aromatic, and balsamic ingredients composing the liqueur. The gustatory* discovery also enables them to understand retronasal olfaction.

During the workshop, the aspiring chemists are also given the opportunity to make their own home fragrance from essences of plants and spices used to make Bénédictine liqueur.

*For adults over 18 only


  • 85€/pers
  • Groups from 12 to 20 people only
  • Experience lasts: 1h30
  • French and English
  • Also includes the Bénédictine Discovery Experience
  • Prices : VAT included

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