Cocktail La Madone

The Alchemist Experience

La Madone

Recipe 1 part of Bénédictine (20 ml )
1 part of Cordial Medoc
1 part of Kummel
1 part of Ginger brandy

Glassware Coupette


Method Chill your glass first (in a fridge or with ice and soda). Stir with ice and strain into the glass. Serve extremely cold.

History First mentioned in Cocktails de Paris, RIP, 1929. Cordial Medoc no longer exists, substitute with sweet vermouth Noilly Prat rouge.

The Master

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An Ode to Poetry

An Ode to Poetry

On January 12, 1892, the sky of Fécamp was painted blood-red; the Palais was in flames.

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The Quest

The Quest

One of the objectives of alchemy is
« perfection », or the production of the Philosopher’s Stone enabling the transmutation of metals, and in particular base metals, into noble metals such as gold and silver.

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