Cocktail Be Pamplemousse

The Alchemist Experience

Be Pamplemousse

Recipe 2 parts of Bénédictine
Top up with Fresh white (or pink) grapefruit juice
1 grapefruit slice

Glassware Highball


Method Build into the glass. Pour Bénédictine®, add ice cubes, then top up with the white grapefruit juice and garnish.

Garnish 1 Slice of grapefruit

The Apprentice

Discover Bénédictine® alchemy

An Ode to Poetry

An Ode to Poetry

On January 12, 1892, the sky of Fécamp was painted blood-red; the Palais was in flames.

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The Quest

The Quest

One of the objectives of alchemy is
« perfection », or the production of the Philosopher’s Stone enabling the transmutation of metals, and in particular base metals, into noble metals such as gold and silver.

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